Picture Perfect Cookies
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Here are some great tips for baking “Picture Perfect Cookies” in our ovens:

Picture Perfect Cookies.

Cookies bake from the outside in... so to make picture perfect cookies, we have to consider two variables:
1) The temperature of the dough.     2) The fat content of the dough.

Room temperature dough will spread out more than frozen or cold dough.

These two factors come into play mostly when we make cookies from "scratch", (but they apply to all cookies.) We may use a higher ratio of fat to flour which will make the cookie spread out more during baking, or...we might mix the dough, portion/scoop them on the pan, and bake them. Without any refrigeration, the cookies spread out more. The colder the dough, the less the cookie will spread / flatten out during baking.

These are factors that we should take into consideration before we begin baking, in any oven, or we may not be happy with our results... nobody wants an 18" x 26" size cookie!! 

Dough baked from frozen produces a thicker, better-looking cookie than ones that are baked from refrigerated, or room temperature, which will spread out and therefore, have less height.

We suggest you bake your cookies (1.5 oz. approximate weight) in a preheated oven at about 300ºF for about 12-18 minutes, depending on what you think is the perfect cookie. Lower the temperature for larger cookies.

(Page updated 8-22-2007)