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 We’ve Moved!
BroilKing is pleased to announce our move to a new, larger facility in
Winsted, CT
., providing us with expanded manufacturing capability.
Our new address is BKmfg., 200 International Way, Winsted, CT 06098.
(Only the street address has changed; all other contact info remains the same.)


BroilKing Corp changes to BKmfg.

   BroilKing Corp, a subsidiary of Cadco, Ltd, has officially changed its name to BKmfg. The BroilKing name will continue to be used as the brand name for all of their consumer kitchen appliances.
   In 2007 and 2008 and again in 2012, Cadco invested in new manufacturing machines from Trumpf Inc. to modernize its manufacturing processes.  These new machines now enable Cadco’s subsidiary to design new products at a much faster rate and produce them in a much shorter time.

   Michael Shanahan, President of both Cadco and BKmfg., has now initiated the “Continuous Improvement” program to create more flow in their entire organization. The name change to BKmfg. was a natural transition for us because we presently manufacturing kitchen related products under six different brand names. Three of these are private label brands for other companies. Mr. Shanahan believes the commitment to manufacture products in America is a natural with today’s new manufacturing methods and of course the consumer’s desire to buy “American Made” We also think it is important to control the quality and availability to quickly serve our various markets around this country and elsewhere.    

 Featured Products
BroilKing is pleased to offer the following products.
These products fulfill the growing desire in today’s
High-end Kitchens for commercial performance and design.


Professional Countertop Griddle

POV-003 & POV-013
Professional Convection Ovens

Convection Oven Accessories

Professional Space Saver Hot Plates

Professional Hot Plates

Professional Buffet Ranges

Page updated 7/24/2017